About Gulf & Pacific Group, LLC

Gulf & Pacific Group, LLC ("GPG", "Gulf & Pacific" or the "Firm") is an independent, privately owned investment and merchant bank focused exclusively on servicing the needs of entrepreneurs, executive management, financial sponsors, special committees and boards of directors in the engineering and industrial products and services industries.

Strict Dedication

We have an unwavering focus on building quality relationships, provisioning sound judgment and offering original thinking to help solve complex situations that are typically of the highest strategic and financial importance to our clients.

Highly Respected

Our trusted and respected advisors are deeply knowledgeable about the specific issues and opportunities impacting our clients' businesses, strategies and growth prospects.

Trusted Veterans

Although sound judgement and seasoned counsel is highly valued by our clients, we earn "Trusted Advisor" status because we understand that success in our business requires that our clients' welfare take precedence over the short-term interests of the Firm. We recommend only financial strategies that we would pursue ourselves were we acting in management’s capacity; this may lead us to advise clients against pursuing a strategic alternative or transaction. We recognize that advising clients on when not to pursue a transaction can be as valuable as providing guidance on how best to consummate one. We strive everyday to achieve Trusted Advisor status with our clients, knowing that the long-term relationships we build today will provide the foundation by which our Firm's reputation and success will be judged in the future.

Relationship-based Approach

Our personal, responsive approach emphasizes relationships, not transactions, and is at the heart of our concept of investment banking. We define our success not by the number of transactions executed but in the value received by our clients and their shareholders. Because we are highly selective regarding the assignments we choose to undertake, you can rest assured that your transaction will receive the highest level attention.

Deep Domain Expertise and Intellectual Capital

Unlike "generalist" firms that lack the domain expertise and never fully gain a true understanding or appreciation of an industry, its sectors, its contacts, its competitive dynamics and value drivers, GPG is a specialist investment bank with a deep understanding of, and commitment to, the engineering and industrial products and services industries. After more than 25 years covering the aforementioned areas we have earned the trust and respect of strategic and financial buyers, lenders and investors. We are experts who understand the industrial supply chain, its cycles and trends and its unique challenges and opportunities. We are gainfully aware of the value drivers and competitive forces that can influence shareholder value. These important relationships, and our intellectual capital and deep domain expertise become keys to correctly positioning our clients for strategic transactions and approaching the capital markets. Our knowledge of the intricacies of financial markets and our analytical experience in industry-specific situations are decisive factors in designing the most advantageous strategies for maximizing client value.

Global Franchise

Our clients include: middle and lower-middle market and emerging growth companies; private equity sponsors and financial investors; domestic and multi-national corporations; and family-owned and closely-held businesses. We have cultivated enduring relationships around the world and our franchise is global. We have advised clients as far away as the Kingdom of Bahrain and India to as close as Canada and of course the United States.

enterprise value

$20 - $250MM


$2 - $25MM

debt capital raise

$10 - $200MM

equity capital raise

$5 - $50MM