Benefits to Entrepreneurs

Our professionals are well attuned to the needs of privately-held business owners. We work with you to discreetly explore liquidity options tailored to your wishes. We are able to craft creative and flexible solutions that address the issues specific to your business while maximizing shareholder value. Over the years we have helped entrepreneurs, shareholders and executive management realize over $18.0 billion in shareholder value.

We can efficiently and confidentially introduce you to our private equity clients that align with your ultimate long-term funding/liquidity goals without the need for a lengthy and intrusive process. Importantly, since we are compensated exclusively by our private equity partners, there are no fees, contracts or associated costs to you for our services.

Every small business has its own unique culture which has made it successful over the years. As your partner, we desire to learn your unique culture and how to maintain it as we help strategically grow your company. Below are common ways our partners add value to companies:
  • you will retain significant ownership in your company and receive substantial cash at closing, reducing risk of an otherwise concentrated investment and eliminating any personal guarantees you may have;
  • you and the management team will maintain operating control of the business;
  • you will have the opportunity to develop a Board of Advisors with deep industry knowledge to provide strategic direction;
  • your company’s image and corporate culture remains intact, maintaining continuity of business practices and culture;
  • along with you, management and employees can receive a significant “second bite of the apple” through continued equity investment, stock options, and performance-based stock incentives;
  • you can leverage our partners’ contacts and make connections to new customers;
  • you will have immediate access to capital to grow your business, both organically and through acquisitive means;
  • you can enhance your management team by helping add critical team members; and
  • our investment partners are sophisticated institutional investors and have significant domain expertise and experience growing shareholder value.

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focused on companies with ebitda

$1 - $25MM