Corporate Finance Practice

The choice of placement agent can be vital to the success of a capital raising endeavor and the terms at which such capital is secured. GPG assists clients in obtaining institutional debt and equity capital to finance a broad range of requirements, including organic growth initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, refinancings, leveraged and management buyouts, and recapitalizations.

Considerable Capital Markets Experience

Our professionals have raised over $2.5 billion of public and private equity and debt capital for clients in our industries of focus.

Extensive Investor Contacts

We maintain an exhaustive rolodex of corporate, lending and private equity funding sources, all of which are actively involved in our targeted business sectors. We believe our senior level access to strategic partners and institutional capital sources that invest in, and lend to, the engineering and industrial products and services industries is a key competitive differentiator for our clients' success.

Comprehensive Capital Market Intelligence

We are in constant intellectual dialogue with both institutional lender and investor partners, sharing sector perspectives, reviewing their focus areas and staying current with their recent and prospective investments. Gulf & Pacific’s frequent and ongoing presence in the engineering and industrial products and services capital markets provides us with valuable insights into the risk appetite, capital commitment profile, pricing parameters, return expectations, sector preferences and reputation of any given institutional lender or investor.

Value-added Perspective

Our select focus on the engineering and industrial products and services industries and steady contact with investors and lenders allows us to provide value-added perspective and guidance to our clients throughout the capital raising process. The typical GPG client shares three common traits: 1) each demand access to the broadest potential institutional investors and lenders; 2) each approach the private capital markets through a professional, thorough and well choreographed process; and 3) each obtain the most attractive pricing and terms available.


GPG maintains an exhaustive rolodex of the entire spectrum of traditional and non-traditional private placement lenders and investors, including:

  • Commercial Banks
  • Private Mezzanine Funds
  • Private and Public Equity Funds
  • Business Development Companies
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Strategic and Corporate Investors
  • Family Offices

Our ability to draw on this expansive market intelligence is instrumental in helping to identify appropriate investors and/or lenders for a given funding. Moreover, GPG’s reputation, credibility and relationships with these lenders and investors can open critical doors for our clients’ success.