Financing Process

Today, capital structures can often become an alphabet soup of capital layers. GPG’s directive is to be actively involved in, and offer custom tailored guidance at, each step of our clients’ capital funding process.

As your financial advisor and placement agent, we assist in several key facets of the capital raising process, including:

  • Working with management to clearly define the company’s goals, objectives and concerns;
  • Preparing an appropriate financing memorandum and management presentation that highlights the salient investment considerations and opportunities from an advocate’s point of view;
  • Identifying potential capital sources that align with the company’s financing needs and meet management’s long-term expectations in terms of partner relationship;
  • Soliciting and analyzing proposals, including impact on capital structure, cost of capital and future financial flexibility of the company;
  • Working in concert with management to choose the most attractive offer;
  • Managing all subsequent phases of the process, including due diligence and the documentation process;
  • Negotiating the definitive agreement, including material terms such as pricing, structure, prepayment terms, amortization and covenant structure; and
  • Providing a critical buffer between management and potential investors during all stages of the capital raising process to facilitate the transaction.